Gokudo (Anime)

Gokudou-kun Manyuuki, Gokudo-kun Manyuki, Jester the Adventurer, ゴクドーくん漫遊記
Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Magic
Apr 2, 1999

It all starts when Gokudou steals a pouch from a fortuneteller, thinking that it contains a gem. Instead, it turns out to be a rock, from which emerges Djinn. The genie grants Gokudou the standard three wishes, but our anti-hero doesn't think heavily about his wishes. Gokudou does get his wishes, though not exactly in the fashion that he expected. The best thing he gets out of his wishes is Honou no Maken, a magical sword that enables its owner to do fire attacks and it can be summoned from anywhere in the world.

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