Clannad Movie (Anime)

Clannad The Motion Picture, Gekijouban Clannad, 劇場版 クラナド
Drama, Romance, Fantasy, School
Sep 15, 2007

Tomoya Okazaki is a cynical delinquent who lacks ambition as he apathetically labors through high school. During his childhood, a tragedy had caused his father to seek solace in alcoholism and neglect his son. Yet, meaningful human interaction can be a benediction, as Tomoya learns when he meets the enigmatic Nagisa Furukawa. The odd girl offers a gesture of friendship to Tomoya, but he rejects the request, dismissing it as a trivial incident. However, as he soon realizes that he is encountering Nagisa more and more often during school, Tomoya drops his discompassions and befriends the girl.

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